Ryan Davis

A few years ago, before my obsession with music fully took hold, I was really into video gaming. I grew up in the age where gaming consoles were fast becoming a major part of the entertainment industry (PlayStation 2, the first Xbox, etc. – we don’t talk about the Dreamcast).

I subscribed to RSS feeds (remember those?) from a few select websites for the latest gaming news. One of them was GameSpot and the reason it became so popular with me, as well as a whole load of other gaming fans, was their audio and video content. More often than not, they were hosted by Ryan Davis.

His sudden death, which was announced a couple of days ago on Giant Bomb, a website he co-founded with Jeff Gerstmann, is shocking and tragic. No one deserves to die when they’re just 34. No one deserves to die just after they got married.

When you go into journalism, and particularly if you want to tackle a specific subject, one thing remains the same: enthusiasm for what you’re writing/talking about is essential. That principal has remained the same in the internet and social media age. What also helps is that you’re able to get along with people. As much as your job entails trying to find out details of whatever (legal) way possible, I honestly don’t think you can succeed by being an insufferable idiot. Well, other people have done but I wonder how they cope with the number of bridges they have had to burn.

Whilst I rarely keep up-to-date with the latest developments in gaming these days, there are two aspects of Ryan Davis that will always stand out to me: he was a guy who loved video gaming in such an endearing and captivating way that he instantly commanded your attention and he also seemed like a genuinely nice guy who could get on with anyone. More journalists should be like him and his sad passing is a reminder that there simply aren’t enough people like him.

Thank you Ryan.

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